NAME - A class from which all annotations used with are to be derived


 Subclass by:
 @ISA = qw(CCAnnotation);
 use CCAnnotation;


This class is an abstract superclass from which all classes implementing annotations for are derived. Each subclass has to implement the method draw which is to draw a single chromosome. Each instance of CCAnnotation (or a subclass) can assume that an instance variable called 'ps' is initialized. This is a Postscript object which supports many postscript operators (see Postscript). When draw is called the instance may safely assume the shape of the current chromosome to be the chromosomal shape, which is clipped to if the annotation is internal.

The following methods can be used to determine positions along the chromosome:

The format of specifications for chromosomal locations is detailed in the man page of The implemented annotation classes can be referred on as examples on how to explore the use of these methods.

SEE ALSO Postscript(3)