Version 1.4.1

Maintanance release to reflect changes in recent PerlTk versions. Added a config file by Shlomit Farkash.

Version 1.4

Includes bug fixes by Paul Boutros. Also includes other bug fixes. The Rat chromosomes are contributed by Paul Boutros.

Version 1.3

A graphical frontend to conveniently enter and remember command line options was added. Tested on Windows and Linux. The tool is called and can be directly started from a File browser.

Version 1.2

This version adds a vast amount of new features. Amongst them:
  • support for uniform scaling of chromosomes across multiple pages
  • new alignment features: align at centromere or at bottom of the chromosome
  • in the sideline module formulas can be applied to transform values
  • support for chromosomes without centromere
  • Drosophila ideogram support (courtesy of Jiangming Pei)
  • Bug fixes (and new bugs ;-()

Version 1.1.1

Fixed bugs

* Drawing of chromosome names on a single page layout

New features

* introduced flag (--boundingBox) to explicitly specify a bounding box

Version 1.1

I want to thank Stephen Sawcer and Neil Walker for their help by reporting bugs on Windows. The pitfalls are now mentioned in the HOWTO file.

Fixed bugs

* --o Option now works properly * call to an obsolete command removed, which used to issue an error message * improved the documentation in the HOWTO file

New features

* The new sidline module allows you to draw graphs alongside chromosomes * Multipage support added. The ideogram can now be split amongst several pages * Added to allow for file conversion from excel files.

Version 1.0

This is the first release.