Each type of so called elementary particles in nature is supposed to come in pairs of matter and antimatter according to some physicists. For example, there is the electron and the positron, the neutrino and the anti-neturino and so on. If instances of a matter and anti-matter come close to interact, they annihilate each other and produce photons. Now it seems peculiar that the anti-photon seems to be identical to the photon, or, put another way there is no anti-photon. Physisists are curious why there is matter at all and not just photons, so why isn't there an equal amount of matter and anti-matter that would annihilate to photons altogether?
  • Whey should there be an equal amount of matter and anti-matter?
  • Given the equivalence of photons and anti-photons and the equivalence of energy and matter, would producing matter from photons result in matter or anti-matter?
  • Could photons carry with them a matter/anti-matter status?