Curriculum vitae of Stefan Böhringer MD PhD

25.4.1974 Born
1980-1993 School education in Lüdenscheid, Germany
1993-1999 Study of Medicine in Bochum, Germany
1994-2000 Study of Mathematics in Bochum, Germany
2001 Doctoral dissertation in Medicine (Bochum, Germany, MD)
2000-2002 Training and research in Human Genetics at Bochum
2002-2009 Principal investigator in Human Genetics at Essen, Germany (wissenschaftlicher Assistent / assistant professor)
2005/09-2006/08 Sabbatical at the Biostatistics Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD
2009 Doctoral dissertation in Statistics (Dortmund, Germany, PhD)
2009- Assistent Professor in Biostatistics, Leiden University Medical Center


Editorial board membershipsOnline Journal of Bioinformatics, Current analytical Chemistry
Societies International Genetic Epidemiology Society, Bochumer interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft
Open Source projects GNUstep, coloredChromosomes, Zillion, pxeCluster


Computers Databases, Recreational programming, Programming languages, Patterns
Literature Spektrum der Wissenschaft (aka Scientific American), Morgenstern, Kierkegaard, Hauff and others
Sports Table tennis, Cycling, Chess, Basket ball
Mathematics Recreational mathematics, Statistical genetics, Foundations of Mathematics
Puzzles of all sorts