Methodological Projects for Genetic Association Studies

These projects are conducted in collaboration with colleagues: Holger Dette (Statistics department Bochum), Ruth Pfeiffer (Ruth Pfeiffer, NCI/NIH, Bethesda), Hajo Holzmann (Statistics department Karlsruhe).
Interaction From the biological point of view, interactions between genes should be one of the cornerstones of building phenotypic variation. However, interactions are hard to get hold of, statistically. The mfFinder software is one try to better explore gene-gene interactions.
Fine Mapping Defining genetic regions that are associated with outcomes is only a first step in the dissection of complex disease. Fine mapping aims at exploring associated regions for more information, ideally to define causative variants. In recent work with Ruth Pfeiffer, I have established a model in fine mapping for genetic association studies.
GWAS Genome wide association studies (GWAs) pose new question to proper data analysis. Currently, I am working with Hajo Holzmann on methods to explore joint distributional aspects of GWAs polymorphisms in order to optimize data analysis.