Revisiting a set of Multiple Sclerosis Data

Supplementary web-page for the publication:

Böhringer S, Hardt C, Miterski B, Steland A and Epplen JT (2003). Multilocus statistics to uncover epistasis and heterogeneity in complex diseases: revisiting a set of multiple sclerosis data. Eur J Hum Genet, 11:573-84.


  • Download the software (v1.0) for Windows or Linux [compiled under Intel with gcc 3.1 under Redhat 7.3]
  • Documentation
  • Visualization is done using mfVisualize.pl included in the software package [for which you also need perl, GS, GSView]
  • User Interface: A graphical user interface is provided (mffinderTk.pl; screenshot)