Miscellaneous Projects

This page maintains smaller or older projects to keep downloads intact.


FlatFileAdaptor This project modifies the FlatFileAdaptor as shipped with EOF2. It adds automatic key generation and fixes a couple of bugs.
GNUstep startup These are Sys V startup scripts for GNUstep that work on Redhat and Suse (tested up to 7.3, 9.1, respectively). Copy these to /etc/init.d.
Zillion The Zillion distributed computing project is a load balancing software package based on GNUstep
Genecruncher The Genecruncher project is a hardware/software project to estalish a computer cluster. It is mainly used for simulations in statistical genetics.


Latex Bibstyles European Journal of Human Genetics, American Journal of Human Genetics. See also Tom Schneider's page
pics2html A perl solution for picture annotation and web publishing.
TLMU A markup language that this site is maintained in.