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End user documentation is provided with the software package and is provided here:

Developer Documentation

If you want to modify the programs and modules you should read the following documents:


Please quote this project and any use of it as follows: Böhringer S, Gödde R, Böhringer D, Schulte T, Epplen JT (2002) A software package for drawing ideograms automatically. Online Journal Of Bioinformatics 1: 51-59.


Extract the file using "tar xzf cc_v1_1_1.tgz" (Linux) or use WinZip or companions (Windows). Then follow the instructions in the HOWTO file. Additional downloads, if not already installed on your machine:


Stefan Böhringer Leiden University Medical Centerpar Project initiator and lead developer. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems, suggestions or contributions.
Jianming Pei link{http://www.flyarrays.com
Provision of Drosophila ideogram drawing capabilities, code contributor.
Paul Boutros University of Toronto, Canada
Provision of Rat ideogram drawing capabilities, code contributor.
Shlomit Farkash Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Contribution of a high resolution human ideogram.
Bug reporters Stephen Sawcer, Neil Walker, Univ of Cambridge UK
Jeremy Leipzig, Univ of Pennsylvania, US

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